On Declaring War

by Dantalion Jones

“Declaring War”

“Don’t Depend on the enemy not coming, depend on being ready for him.”
~ Sun Tsu

After reading Sun Tzu it became clear that in the realm of Mind Control how important it is to “declare war”.

By “declaring war” I mean having something to challenge you or having something to stand for or up against.

Taking that as a philosophy of life, there are “enemies” within an without. The greater battle resides within in the realm of latent fears, limiting beliefs and unconsidered possibilities.

Latent Fears

These are the “little deaths” that keep us from living our lives fully. Maybe its a fear of rejection or judgment. Maybe it’s an avoidance of doing something.

Limiting Beliefs

Anytime you say “I can’t.” or “That’s not possible.” you surrender to an invisible enemy. Often it is an enemy that would cower at any challenge yet you don’t even consider to battle it.

Unconsidered Possibilities

As much as one may cling for certainty you can’t blame them. They want security. Yet there are endless possibilities that are not considered. Think about it, what else is possible? What Other wonderful things are out there just waiting for us to discover?

Part of my goal is to make sure that every belief you have about what is possible with mind control is challenged.

Every doubt and fear creates the greatest field of battle that limits your power.

All these are enemies on the inner front within your mind.

There are external enemies as well. On the outer front an enemy might give you the luxury of being obvious. An outer enemy might be not-enough-time or social pressure or even a friend who believes their acting in your best interests (or fearful of losing something by your actions).

So finding an “enemy” and “declaring war” is essential.

Your first battle is on hesitation and excuses. As human beings we have no thought of our end so we tend to think of life as limitless so we make excuses, but it is not. There is only so much time we have to accomplish our life goals.

How many time will you see a sun rise or a sun set, 50 times. 100? Maybe only 5?

How many times will you remember that one moment, or person or experience that seemed to change the direction of your life? 12 times or just one?

Every moment is precious and time a time for you to act.

Now now, waiting is your greatest enemy.

Declare war on hesitation, fear and doubt.

Dantalion Jones


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