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 Perfected Mind Control:The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control

Perfected Mind ControlLearn  how to use hypnosis to make people feel  good and  do what you tell  them. Perfected Mind Control   is a series of hypnotic processes that create enjoyment everytime your  suggestions are followed… the possibilities will boggle the mind!

$29.00 you save  $9.05 on this One Time Offer.


Mind Control 101Mind Control 101: How to Influence The Thoughts and Actions of Others Without Them Knowing or Caring

An encyclopidea of influence, persuasion and mind control that covers everything from the paranoid to the practical. This Book reminds you that mind control isn’t bad or good. It’s a tool to use as you desire.

 Normally $29.00 you save $9.05 on this One Time Offer.


The Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want

The Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want – Make the World Your Banquet Starting With a Simmering Broth of Ambition

This is the Dantalion Jones version of a self-help book.

You will learn the simple and to-the-point method of creating a destiny for your self and how to systematically go after it like an unstoppable force of nature.


There are no excuses.

There is no guilt.

There is nothing to blame.

You are in complete control.

Normally $24.95 you save $5.00 on this One Time Offer.



Cult Control Building Your Cult

 Building Your Cult is a no-holds-barred self-help book for the most politically ambitious people in the world.

Granted, you might not want to build a cult but knowing how it’s done isn’t just a curiosity. It’s an absolute must for anyone living and working with people. The reason why is that no matter where you go people are always out to protect and promote their own interests.

Building Your Cult will show you how to spot people with hidden ambitions so you can decide to either join, ignore or fight them.

Building Your Cult will give you the tools to master the world of politics and climb the ladder of achievement.

Building Your Cult deals with the art and science of protecting and promoting your own interests, in other words it is about the politics of life. Moreover, it is about reaching that pentacle of accomplishment where you have factions of people devoted to you, your goals and ambitions.

 It is about making your own cult.

 Building Your Cultis divided into two parts. The first part is to explore the mind of the cult leader and even offer a few exercises that might help you with your own set of cult leader insights. With these insights you might uncover the wealth spring of power that we all control. In this part you will learn:

  • The mind set of an effective and powerful, leader.
  • How to create an image of your future that is so compelling you can call it your “Destiny”.
  • How to build an incredibly positive sense of self without ever appearing narcissistic or grandiose.
  • How to avoid being one of the controversial “crash and burn” cult leaders like Jim Jones and Charles Mason.
  • How to train your mind so that you are ready to respond to anything life throws at you.
  • How to create the feeling of unstoppability that will work for you even when you’re facing obstacles.
  • You’ll learn the three qualities you can bring into your list to be more powerful and motivated … regardless of what you want to accomplish.
This is how it’s done.

The Full Facts Book of Seduction Language Patterns
The  Full Fact Book of Seduction Patterns – Volume 2

compiled by Dantalion Jones

This book is a complilation of some of the best tested and researched seduction processes available.Like it’s predicesor (Vol. 1) there are NLP language patterns but it also includes the most important factors of seduction: The state ofmind that makes seduction fun and easy.

Filled with over 150 pages of the best information compiled from over a dozen of seducition experts. Volume 2 will tell you everything you:

  • Your outlook on life* Introduction lines that work and make women laugh
  •  How to use your wing man
  •  Places to go to meet women
  •  How to deal with flacky women
  •  How to gain control of be-achy women
  • … and more
Normally $24.95 you save $5.00 on this One Time Offer.



How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

It describes IN 550+ PAGE DETAIL how secret forces are molding humanminds to be their complete and unquestioning servants.

These are TRUE MIND CONTROL SLAVES that are being made and used for drug mules, international assassins, sex slaves, suicide bombers and secret messengers. This could be anyone, from your congressman to your
cable guy.

For some people what you’ll read in this huge book will seem very disturbing. It is, notheless, well laid out and detailed enough to be understandable. In fact, the incredible detail of this book give it only greater credance.

  Normally $29.00 you save $9.05 on this One Time Offer.




MK UltraMind Control Language Patterns

 I  think I can speak for most people when I say we would all want to have more. More money, more love, more respect, more power. Once we have that “more” we can then focus on the greater and more beautiful things in life.It is getting that “more” that is the problem because to get what we want we have to be able to influence, inspire and seduce others into helping us. We need people to be on our side.

From an early age I knew that some people held the secrets of how to use the power of language to influence, inspire and seduce. With a few choice words I’ve seen people change in ways few could imagine.With the right words people have been motivated to achieve, seduced into love and lifted from depression.I’ve also seen the worst that words can do and I’ve made a point to learn them all.My life has been dedicated to learning these secrets and they have been cataloged, sorted and sharpened to a razors edge.  What I’ve  seen and done using these skills have amazed me!
Do you  think you could have more power, love, money and security if you learned how to use language to control peoples thoughts and actions?

Mind Control Language Patterns are spoken phrases that can act as “triggers” to the people who hear them.  In short, they influence  and control how we respond and cause us to be influenced to do things without our knowing.

These language patterns are not fantasies but are based on documented uses that come from, psychology, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and studies of human behavior.

Mind Control Language Patterns can be used to help and hurt.

One can use Mind Control Language Patterns to create positive and lasting change in people, as well as feelings of trust, love and affections.

They can also be used to induce amnesia, fear, insecurity and doubt.  These types of patterns are what we call “dark” pattern.

Having studied mind control  for almost a decade the sad fact is that there are some people who know these skills and would use them on
anyone regardless of the possible negative effect it might cause. Some people have referred to these as “Dark Side” NLP skills and I can tell you from personal experience that they do exist! I also know that the only way to protect yourself from any of these malicious Mind Control Language Patterns is to know about them. Yes, knowledge is your only defense against the most wicked people who would even think to use them.

I’ve seen the results of these destructive language patterns. They are devious because most people don’t even know they’ve happened. They live life half-heartedly with no purpose because someone meant to hurt them!

If you know of anyone using these Mind Control Language Patterns to injure you have every right to act and stop them!

But there is a bright side to all of this. Mind Control Language Patterns like the ones in this book are also there to benefit you and everyone who knows them. Using these skills I’ve seen people overcome life long phobias and land million dollar contracts. You can use these skills just as easily to land the perfect job, meet your ideal romantic partner and end what may at times seem like a endless cycle of just trying to pay the bill. Knowing these persuasion skills and how to apply them you can benefit your life and the lives of others.

Knowing how to use Mind Control Language Patterns gives you incredible power.  Not knowing these Mind Control Language Patterns takes the control out of your hands and places it into the hands of people who know their real power.

Mind Control Language Patterns will describe, explain and document the positive and negative uses and application of these these Mind Control Language Patterns.

Normally $29.95 you save $10.00 on this One Time Offer.


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