The Mind Control Seminar

February 18th & 19th 2012

Manchester, New Hampshire

The Mind Control Seminar was first demonstrated in Milan, Italy in November 2011 and it proved to  be a powerful tool for influence and for personal empowerment.

This is NOT a typical hypnosis or NLP training.  The Mind Control Seminar about controlling the minds of others and yourself. While you will learn techniques to control peoples thoughts this is more than just learning techniques,  it’s about creating a solid mental state within you that makes control fun and easy.

What you’ll learn from the Mind Control Seminar is that real control has more to do with what YOU think, feel and do than other people.

There are three things you’ll need to be exceptional at Mind Control.

1) A profound awareness of the environment and the people you influence. You’ll learn how to intuit people thoughts and feelings in ways that will seem uncanny.

2) Control over your emotional states. With strong emotional control you can maintain your focus and never over react due to frustration, anger. With strong emotional control you’ll won’t be easily swayed or seduced by friendship or affection.    

3) A sense of purpose, intent, destiny for your life. It is a sense of purpose that will help you keep your focus so that your influence will have a beneficial outcome.

The Mind Control Seminar will help you develop each of these three qualities in the most important areas of your life.

These tools of influence have been distilled from 20 years of personal study, experimenting and real life application.

If you are new to persuasion, influence and mind control, you’ll find that these are the most advanced tools of influence that can be taught inside a two day seminar. You can begin to use them immediately and get some amazing results. You’ll discover that these skills can be sharpened and improved every day of your life. (Imagine the power!)

What You Will Learn At The Mind Control Seminar

  You’ll learn how to uncover anyone’s deepest motivation and how to use that to get them what you most desire. Yes, this is VERY manipulative but people won’t mind because everyone loves talking about this subject.

 You’ll learn a real-life technique of “mind reading” that can reveal the feelings and thoughts that people are trying to hide from you. I agree this sounds far fetched but people have consistently reported accurate results and you don’t have to be psychic to do it!

 You’ll learn how to subtly guide people through subliminal positive and negative feedback. This is classic behavioral conditioning that will make people WANT to please you.

  You’ll learn how to create such a strong and lasting motivation with you that no one can influence you. This is your best way to prevent anyone using Mind Control against you and create a passion for life.

 Yes, you will learn the Mind Control techniques that can be used to hurt people.  These are typically referred to as “Dark Patterns” and while you will learn these techniques, please, DON’T USE THEM. They can cause depression and some say, suicide.

 Keep reading.

The Mind Control Seminar Details are below.

Reasons To Attend The Mind Control Seminar

There  is a material reason that most people have to learn these mind  control skills. In one sentence it’s To get rich, to get laid and to get even. In other words, Power. Perhaps that’s reason enough for most people but I want to offer you a few other reasons most people don’t consider.

The Emotional Reason

If you are like most people you know what it’s like to lose control of a situation because you lost your temper. From then on things only get worse. When you lost control of your own emotions you cannot effectively influence or persuade. Instead you begin to look like an out-0f-control maniac who uses anger to coerce people to follow you.
Nothing lasting or good is going to happen from that.

If, on the other hand, you are always calm and in control people will look up to you and want your advise and not fear your reaction.

The Mental Reason

It’s no secret that the mind has some amazing powers. When you begin to focus you thoughts and direct them toward something important things start to change. To have the mental control to make things happen you have to direct the right thoughts.

The “Spiritual” Reason

This is where it gets controversial. ”Spiritual” doesn’t have to mean religious. “Spiritual” is about living those values that are most important to you. Being “Spiritual” is about being more than what you were born as. But the truth is that even the most spiritual person has to live in the world where people play games of politics and power. So to keep living your spiritual values means you have to play a better game of politics and power.

Learning Mind Control is an essencial skill to protecting yourself from other peoples power games and elivating you above the frey.

Seminar Details

The Dates:   February 18th & 19th 2012

The Location:   Airport Holiday Inn, 2280 Brown Ave, Manchester , New Hampshire 03103

The Cost:   The cost of the Mind Control Seminar is $495 to be made it two payments of $247.50.

 To Order, Click the “Add to Cart” button to make your first of two small payments.

Preparing For The Mind Control Seminar

When  you decide to take part in The Mind Control Seminar you will be sent  the two book
s “Mind  Control Language Patterns” and  “The Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want”  and you’re encouraged to read them. These two books will help provide a  working foundation for what will happen in The Mind Control Seminar.

As  soon as you make our payment you will be sent these two books. If you  already these two books START READING THEM NOW.

If  you are wondering which book to read first start with “The  Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want”. It  was written  as a guide to help you create a state  of unstoppable passion and  purpose


Here is your chance to attend this training FREE.

I am openly inviting several people to attend this seminar at no cost.  If you want to be one of them here are the rules.

1. You must have already purchased and read the two books “Mind  Control Language Patterns” and  “The Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want” .

2. You must WANT to attend this weekend training and have made certain your calendar is free for those dates.

3.  You will be responsible for your travel and lodging during the seminar.

4. Lastly, You will have to send me an email along with your phone number,  in the form below, expressing your interest.

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